Butler Service

Here's how it works!

We will provide you with two Jaguar Cleaners Garment bags with your account information on it. Depending on where you live or work your scheduled delivery days will be either Monday & Thursday, or Tuesday & Friday.

From there we will come by your home or office on the scheduled days to pick up and return the clean garments from the previous pick up. If you do not have anything to send in that day, no worries, we will come back again on the next scheduled day. We are in your neighborhood anyway. We will automatically bill your credit card on file, so you don’t need to be home to pay for services!

How do you sign up?

Butler cycle
Jaguar Cleaner's Butler Service saves you time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be home?/ How do you deliver my clothes?

No, not at all, in fact most of our customers are not home. You simply leave your provided bag on the designated hook and we deliver and pick them up from there.

How often do you pick up?

We are in your area twice a week, Tuesday and Fridays. When we pick up your bag on Tuesday, we will bring back clothes on Friday and visa versa.

What if I don't have anything?/Do I need to call?/ I don't have much laundry.

No need to call, were always in your neighborhood twice a week. If you’re once a week or once a month, you are a perfect customer for us.

What time do you pick-up & deliver?

Leave your bag out by 8:00 am and we deliver by 5:00 on your next delivery day.

How do I pay?

A credit card is held on file and billed automatically at delivery.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden charges for delivery?

FREE no hidden cost, we're in the customer service business and we are already in your neighborhood.

I'm nervous about leaving my clothes outdoors!

We will gladly work with you on finding a place you’re comfortable leaving them. Clothing doesn’t seem to be a high theft item. Not likely the thief's size, style etc...