Technology allows us to be environmentally friendly and to produce consistent quality at a good value to you the customer. We at Jaguar Cleaners set ourselves apart from other dry-cleaners by utilizing the most up-to-date machinery and equipment. What this means to our customers is consistent quality due to the state of the art cleaning and tensioning equipment used to finish clothing. Utilizing this technology we are able to process and return your clothing sooner than other dry-cleaners are capable. Greater efficiency, higher quality, and cleaner clothing allow us to give you the best value.


We use both dry-clean and wet-clean methods for cleaning your clothing. We utilize two dry-cleaning machines, one machine is specifically for dark colors and one for light colors and whites. This ensures your colored items will look vibrant and your whites will be bright. Our wet-cleaning process uses four computer controlled custom programmed machines the triple enzyme based detergent cleans your clothing with minimal mechanical action. We also use a precise computer controlled chemical injection system for the multiple chemicals required to produce clean, vibrant and bright clothing. Shorter cycle times and lower chemical consumption extends the life of your clothing, providing a higher level of efficiency.


Most dry-cleaners have maintained status quo and continue to use flat presses. Modern clothing is not able to be pressed flat due to current construction. Current clothing styles are tailor fit and use unique fibers such as metallic and prints. The advanced tensioning equipment allows us to fit the press to your clothing as it should be, without touch-ups. This more efficient means of finishing allows us to produce a higher quality garment than the competition at a greater value to you the customer.


We use a completely automated garment assembly conveyor, and bagging system. At the time this equipment was purchased it was the seventeenth system of its kind in the world. This allows us to use a micro-permanent barcode placed discretely into your garment for identification. We are able to track your garment throughout the care process and reuse in future cleanings. Once your garment has been finished, inspected and loaded onto the assembly system, it is never again touched until you pick it up at the counter. Reduced handling allows us to provide you with a more wrinkle free garment. This unique technology results in an infinitely more accurate assembly process, and lower production costs.

Thank you for choosing us. We know you have a choice, and we appreciate your patronage. Please join our Frequent Fabricare Rewards Program and get rewarded for your loyalty and start receiving credits to your account today, please ask a customer service representative for details today. We at Jaguar Cleaners love technology and we know you will too.